Clifden, Ireland Travel Guide

If you are ready to enjoy a quiet retreat amid friendly people and sea breeze, then make your way to Clifden. Clifden is located at the edge of Galway and rests between the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Ben Mountains. This fishing village has sailed beneath the radar for many years. Today, thanks to its many sites to explore and beautiful surroundings, tourism is booming in Clifden. This is a great place to check out the ancient castles ruins, go scuba diving and fishing. You can also head to the boutiques downtown for an afternoon shopping.

For those lovers of nature, you can wander Clifden’s green pathways for hours. Go biking or walking, or go into the harbor by hiring a boat. Rent a car and take a trip to Sky Road to truly get the most out of your tour of Clifden. It is a winding and long trip that is sometimes very windy, but you will take in spectacular views of this town and the surrounding bay.

After snapping a few pictures, head back to town and continue your tour of Clifden. The many restaurants in this town offer something to satisfy every taste. If you are looking for some delicious food and a drink, Guys Bar is a great choice. Both tourists and locals love their pizzas and there are other interesting food options too. Not only is this bar more modern than most of the pubs in Clifden but it is one of the best food options here. Also, there are lots of places you can cozy up with your loved ones while listening to great live music.

If you are adventurous, you can try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Simply charter a boat and head out to Bluewater Charter Fishing. The owner of this place is very experienced and would be happy to guide you to fish or whale watch provided the season is right.

If you are heading to Clifden in September, attending the Clifden Arts Festival is an excellent way to learn more about the town’s culture. This festival has been on for more than 40 years and you can find music, theatre, art, and much more during the time it is on. It is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

Lowrys is an Irish whiskey and music bar and is absolutely delightful to step into. You will feel like you are walking into a shop that is more than 100 years old when you step into the pub. This pub is steeped in tradition and they have some of the best tasting pints in Clifden.

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Most populous countries in Africa

Africa is known as the second most populated continent worldwide. There are over 1 billion people situated in this continent which makes about 15 percent of the population in the world. The population of Africa is made up of the youngest individuals in all the continents. The majority of Africans are 19 years or below.

Below are some of the most populated countries in Africa. They include;

  • Tanzania  with an estimated population of  47,421,786

As at July first, 2014, the population of Tanzania was 45,950,000. The rate of average relative growth on a yearly basis is 2.69 percent and this stipulates that the Tanzanian population would be double in the next 25 years.

  • South Africa with an estimated population of 54,002,000

The population of South-Africa as at July 1, 2014, was 54,000,000 and according to statistics, South-African population keeps increasing by 704,000 on yearly basis. More than 4 percent of the population of Africa is situated in this country.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo – 69,360,000

The population of the Democratic Republic of Congo is 69,360,000 as on July 1, 2014. The average relative annual growth of the population of this nation is 3.23 percent. The nation is adding more than 2.3 million people every year. The population may double in the next 22 years.

  • Egypt with an estimated population of  87,359,900

As on October 22, 2014, the population of Egypt was 87,359,900. Around 7.69 percent of the population of Africa lives in Egypt. The average relative annual growth is 2.29 percent. The nation is adding more than 1.8 million people every year.

  • Ethiopia  with an estimated population of 87,952,991

As at July 1, 2014, there were about 87,952,991 individuals in Ethiopia. The population of this country keeps increasing at a yearly rate of 2.67 percent. It is estimated that the population of Ethiopia would be double what it is in the coming years. More than 7percent of the African population is situated in Ethiopia.

  • Nigeria with an estimated population of 178,517,000

More than 16 percent of the African population is situated in Nigeria. It is the most populated country in the whole of Africa. The population of Nigeria was 178,517,000 as at July 1, 2014. Over 5.5 million people are added to the population of Nigeria on a yearly basis.

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Interesting Africa Facts – People of Africa

The continent of Africa is considered to be the second most populous country worldwide with over a billion people.

There are more than one thousand languages spoken by individuals in Africa. There are some estimates which put the languages spoken to as close as two thousand.

The remains of the oldest human which was located in Ethiopia and it was estimated to be over 100 thousand years of age.

Islam is the largest religion in Africa closely followed by Christianity. The population of Africa as at 2009 made more than 14 percent of the population of the world.

There are 45 independent African nations with the addition of the disputed Western Sahara territory. Due to the fast growth in population in the continent of Africa over the last 40 years, its population consists of mostly young individuals. In a majority of the African states, over half of the population are below the age of 20.

Africa is the continent that is most centrally situated of all the continents with both the equator and the prime meridian going through it.

The major region of Africa is popularly recognized as sub-Saharan Africa and it excludes a majority of the Islamic countries of North Africa; Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya. Sub-Saharan Africa consists of 42 nations on the African mainland as well as six island nations.

The most populated country in Africa is Nigeria with an estimated population of more than 170 million individuals. Egypt is considered the second most populated country with more than 76 million people.

The common language in Africa with a variety of dialects is Arabic with more than 170 million speakers which are mostly situated in North Africa.

The city with the highest population in Africa is Egypt with an estimation of 17 million individuals situated in the capital of Cairo. The owners of an Edmonton roofing company that specializes in commercial roofing Edmonton, has told me that visiting Egypt is an absolute must when in Africa.

Algeria is the largest country in Africa with a total of 967,490 square miles while the smallest is the nation of Seychelles with a total of 175 square miles. According to experts, it is estimated that Africa consists of over 3,000 different ethnic tribes. Nigeria alone is made up of over 300 tribes recognized in its population.

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Most developed African countries in the world

Aside from the fact that it is very populated, Africa is seen as the second largest continent worldwide. It also has various beautiful islands. Because of the excessive poverty rate due to limited facilities offered to the people, Africa as a whole is not that developed but there are specific countries in Africa that can be defined as developed.

The definition of development in this concept means the basic amenities like education, food and shelter are provided to the citizens there as well as the best medical facilities, educational facilities and modern infrastructures are available in the country.

The country must have an economy that is powerful as well as stable currency. There should be a great standard of living as well. The following are some of the most developed African countries worldwide. They include;

This country makes the top of the list because it has attained the most goals in millennium development. This country boasts of six airports with paved runways as well as an additional eight airports that have unpaved runways. It also boasts of great infrastructures. This country has also been described as the richest African country.

The sound macroeconomic policies as well as the wide-ranging structural reforms since 2006 were of great significance to this nation. They surpassed South Africa in 2013 to attain the position of the most competitive economy in sub-Saharan Africa. Nonetheless, issues with education have to be sorted out.

Over $23 billion in retroactive salary and public grants, as well as benefits enhancements, were offered by the government of Algeria. This was because of the economic protests that held in 2011 in the months of February and March. The amount allocated for public spending was enhanced by 27 percent in the last five years.

In sub-Saharan Africa, Gabon is the fifth biggest oil producer. In the recent years, the HDI of Gabon has enhanced exponentially. The government is making efforts towards creating jobs, diversifying the economy, introducing social safety nets and enhancing building capacities.

The rate of employment in Tunisia showed a little turn around as the unemployment rate reduced to 15.7 percent in the third part of 013 in comparison to 2012 at that same period.

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Best places to visit in Africa

Are you planning to take a trip to Africa? Do you want to know the best places to pay a visit to when you get there? If your answer is yes then this article is just for you. The following are some of the best destinations in Africa that offer activities for all ages.

This is a safe place to visit known for its great governance. A visit to Namibia leaves you with memorable activities to last a lifetime. When in Namibia, you can check out the Etosha national park where over 300 kinds of birds and 114 families of mammals are situated. You can also utilize a truck to get you closer to lions when they are hunting or drinking from waterholes. Just ensure your truck doors are securely closed.

This country has a host of beautiful locations to check out such as the Petete Anse and Mahe where you can enjoy a way of life that is well laid back. Lots of small islands in this beautiful country were transformed into national parks and museums by the government to preserve the beauty of this country.

If you have an interest in beautiful beaches and wildlife then this is the place to be. If you have seen the movie Madagascar, the fancy characters are one of the most beautiful lemurs you can find in Madagascar. They are one of the cutest and wildest animals in the world which can only be located in Madagascar. Close friends of ours who own Edmonton mudjacking turned us on to Madagascar after they visited and absolutely loved this place. Additionally, it is a safe place to visit due to the policies enforced by locals and good governance.

Asides from the fact that Ethiopia has a wilderness that is legit. It is one of the safest locations to head to in Africa. More tourists are attracted to Ethiopia each year due to the low level of crime the county is known for. Even getting to the area that is quite remote can be done with ease and that is the Omo national park. It is an ideal place to experience the nature of Ethiopia. It boasts a lovely culture, remarkable sights, and a massive animal population. It is definitely a place to visit.

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Brief History of Africa

Human origins & migrations

Africa is the most enduring and most ancient landmass in the globe. When you are on African soil, more than 90 percent of what is underneath your feet has been in existence for over 300 million years. In that period, Africa has had a feel of everything ranging from dinosaurs to proto-bacteria and about five to ten million years ago, a unique type of ape known as Australopithecines, which diverted and began to walk on its own two legs down a diverse track to evolution.

This move led to the various hairy early men being developed. They were also known as hominids. About 2.4 million years ago they were known as Homo habilis and Homo erectus 1.8million years ago and lastly Homo sapiens or modern humans around 200,000 years ago.

Africa is believed to be the first continent humans first lived on earth. In the early history of Africa, groups were made up of hunter-gatherers who followed a nomadic way of life. Little communities situated themselves in locations that were fertile and began to defend their local territory.

African kingdoms began to form starting from 1000 AD and this was partly due to the fact that Africans saw a need to take charge of the resources and land as European and Arab traders came to trade for food, goods, and slaves. The African empires boundaries went through changes over time as leaders rose and fell.

A massive part of North Africa became controlled by the Islamic states while a very powerful Christian Kingdom was created around Ethiopia in the eastern part.

Takeover by the Europeans

European countries started taking control of the coastal regions in Africa and by 1880 only little sections of the African continent were ruled by the Europeans.

Then in a period of 30years, the entire Africa was overtaken by the major European powers and by 1913, boundaries had been drawn by the Europeans for their new colonies. These boundaries make the basis of the African Nations in existence today.

After world war II, European countries no longer had any economic strength to rule Africa and starting from the 1950s, African nations started to attain independence.

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