Best places to visit in Africa

Are you planning to take a trip to Africa? Do you want to know the best places to pay a visit to when you get there? If your answer is yes then this article is just for you. The following are some of the best destinations in Africa that offer activities for all ages.

This is a safe place to visit known for its great governance. A visit to Namibia leaves you with memorable activities to last a lifetime. When in Namibia, you can check out the Etosha national park where over 300 kinds of birds and 114 families of mammals are situated. You can also utilize a truck to get you closer to lions when they are hunting or drinking from waterholes. Just ensure your truck doors are securely closed.

This country has a host of beautiful locations to check out such as the Petete Anse and Mahe where you can enjoy a way of life that is well laid back. Lots of small islands in this beautiful country were transformed into national parks and museums by the government to preserve the beauty of this country.

If you have an interest in beautiful beaches and wildlife then this is the place to be. If you have seen the movie Madagascar, the fancy characters are one of the most beautiful lemurs you can find in Madagascar. They are one of the cutest and wildest animals in the world which can only be located in Madagascar. Close friends of ours who own Edmonton mudjacking turned us on to Madagascar after they visited and absolutely loved this place. Additionally, it is a safe place to visit due to the policies enforced by locals and good governance.

Asides from the fact that Ethiopia has a wilderness that is legit. It is one of the safest locations to head to in Africa. More tourists are attracted to Ethiopia each year due to the low level of crime the county is known for. Even getting to the area that is quite remote can be done with ease and that is the Omo national park. It is an ideal place to experience the nature of Ethiopia. It boasts a lovely culture, remarkable sights, and a massive animal population. It is definitely a place to visit.